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We are a small farm committed to producing limited quantities of handmade lavender products, striving for the highest quality at a reasonable price giving our customers an exceptional value.

Established in 2002, Prairie Lavender Farm resides on the cusp of the tallgrass and shortgrass prairies of North-central Kansas. It also sits on the South side of a hill above the Dakota Aquifer and upon a sandstone shelf, which gives great drainage for the lavender plants. Even though we have quite sandy loam, it tests out above neutral in the alkaline range of which the lavender loves.

We now grow over 3000 plants with twelve varieties of Lavender, of which about half are the Lavendula angustifolia (English lavender) varieties; the other Lavandin x intermedia or sterile hybrids. We are located in Zone 5; however, we experience a range from zones 4-6 with temperatures from below 0 degrees F to over 110 degrees in the summer months of July to early September. Last December we experienced a dreadful ice storm. Still waiting to see how much damage we sustained. Although we can have severe weather in the winter months, we have not found it necessary to mulch the plants. Wind is our biggest adversary.

Although not certified organic, our all natural lavender receive only what nature provides. No pesticides, herbicides or growth chemicals are used in any stage of production. We believe our cultivars provide the finest of colors, form and fragrance. Experience has taught us we cannot grow “French” or the “Spanish” cultivars with much success due to the extreme cold. However, we are proud of the Hidcote, Buena Vista, Grosso, and Provence varieties we grow, which comprise the bulk of our lavender beds.

Lavender, a member of the Mint family, is simply an amazing herb providing a dizzying array of benefits! It provides our senses with a flurry of experiences from its heady aroma, to its ability to provide antibacterial, antiseptic aspects. Its history dates back to the Roman and Egyptian periods, where lavender oil was used in many ways. Even during World War I, lavender was used to treat soldiers’wounds on the battlefield when other drugs were no longer available. It was referred to as “first aid in a bottle” by many of the care providers. Lavender gained popularity during the Elizabethan era in England and throughout its protectorates from India to New Zealand to the Caribbean isles. If you have noticed recently its popularity is making a new comeback with many mainstream products including lavender fragrances. We are proud of our work and our path in furthering the uses of this wonder plant through our lavender and lavender-based products!  Keep track of our goings-on via Prairie Lavender Farm's Facebook Fan page.    We are now certified as Bee Friendly and Certified Naturally Grown!

If you are interested in visiting us, please contact our owner Mike Neustrom first at 785-488-3371 or email mike@prairielavenderfarm.com.   For directions, please use Mapquest and plug in our address:

 - 69 Alpine Ridge Lane, Bennington, KS 67422





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